I post this as a follow-up to my initial post about how the Pledge of Allegiance has taken on a blended civic and religious significance in some circles. This is not the only such example I have seen, but it is perhaps the most blatant. Note that not only is the cross striped with an American flag, but that the Pledge is placed at the center.


The Pledge of Allegiance Cross

From the product description page:

 This Pledge of Allegiance Wall Cross will be displayed proudly in the home of any Christian American family. The combination of Old Glory and this symbol of Christian faith is a stunning way to show your pride of God and country!

The Pledge of Allegiance Wall Cross is made of resin but it looks of deep wood. The stars and strips of Old Glory drape beautifully across the form of the cross, their folds fluid and alive in a show of amazing and realistic detail. The bright colors awaken the senses, while the text of the Pledge of Allegiance scrawled on the center scroll fills the heart. Measuring 11 ½” high, this Pledge of Allegiance Wall Cross is nicely sized to fit in with your existing décor, or place it in a spot of honor over the mantle or near the entry.

This Pledge of Allegiance Wall Cross is the ideal gift for a Christian military family or anyone who shares a deep pride in the Land of the Free and faith in Jesus Christ.

Source: Sacred Mint