I am tempted to begin this with “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…,” but I’ll resist that urge.

The projected due date for my daughter’s birth was last Friday. It came and went, and still no birth. The anticipation keeps building, but in the meantime we have largely continued to live our lives as normal.

There have been small changes. At work, instead of collecting all of the information I need and completing all of the tasks at the end of the day (which is normal procedure), I complete a task as soon as I have everything I need to do so in case I need to leave suddenly during the day. At home, we’ve rearranged some furniture to accommodate the baby we know is coming — we know she is coming soon, but we don’t know when. Otherwise, things march on, even as our hearts and minds are filled with more longing and eagerness every day.

Now, back to my opening — I had a little bit of an epiphany today: this is how we should feel about our Lord’s second coming. The days may seem to stretch longer and longer, and the anticipation only adds to this feeling, but he is coming again. We know he will come, and he promised it would be soon, so we wait eagerly. It may not be when we expect it, but it will happen.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

(And — on a different note — come, baby girl, come!)