Two tidbits:

The first is supposedly from N.T. Wright. It may be apocryphal, because I saw it on a blog, but I still think it’s a wonderful minute exposition on the sacraments. So, here it is:

When someone asked Bishop Wright why we are only baptized once but celebrate the Eucharist often, he replied, “You are only born once. You eat every day.”

The other I heard on Radio Maria Friday. It was during one of their pro-life programs, which I usually skip. The guest, a speaker from Priests for Life, was talking about how, while Matthew 22:21 (Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s) is on its face about taxes, it is also a call to holiness and a call to be pro-life. Why? Because, while Caesar’s image is stamped on money, God’s image is stamped on man.

Just beautiful. Good stuff.