Last night, I was reading Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History , and I ran across a passage that put the current culture war in perspective.

Eusebius tells how Pilate related to the Emperor Tiberius the stories of how people believed Jesus had risen from the dead and were now counting him among the gods. Tiberius, in turn, related this information to the Roman Senate.

The Senate, however, “rejected the proposition in appearance because they had not examined this subject first, according to an ancient law among the Romans, that no one should be ranked among the gods unless by a vote and decree of the Senate…”

In other words, the Roman Senate rejected Jesus as God because they had not declared him God.

The situation is the same today, if you would believe certain hysterical Christian media outlets. But Jesus was God when the Romans foolishly rejected him, and Jesus is God — and in the most political sense I can say this, King of all creation — whether or not politicians acknowledge him in the Pledge of Allegiance today. God’s sovereignty is not undermined by a vote.